So often we learn how to be in relationship by observing our parents.    Then we watch movies and read romance novels and these all form the relationship basis of what we create with our partners. We may allow our fantasies of the “perfect happily ever after relationship” to overshadow what we could actually create. Some of us may also choose to do the exact opposite of our parents and still find ourselves playing out old patterns that create more separation and discord than harmony.

It is rare to see a relationship that is nurturing and honouring of both partners. One where both people can bring their entire selves to the relationship. Many of us have never experienced and rarely witnessed those types of relationships in our own lives or in the world around us.

What if there is something else?  What if you could have a completely different type of relationship that does not fit into the conventional way it is done in this reality, and that could be created moment by moment?  What if you could have a relationship that makes you and your partner’s life greater, while simultaneously contributing to creating a greater world?

Come join Kalpana Raghuraman and Heather Nichols as they explore definitely different possibilities that create relationships that are thriving, alive, creative and joyful!

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