I have been interested in the meaning of numbers since childhood. My curiosity was aroused when I realized that my family always gave gifts in multiples of $18 regardless of whether it was to honor the memory of someone or to celebrate a happy occasion. I didn’t think of it as a superstition. It was just an accepted, unquestioned part of my reality. Eventually I learned that in Hebrew, 18 means life and thus is considered a lucky number. This belief stems from Jewish numerology, called Gematria. Regular numerology, adds the numbers to get a single digit, 9, which is a humanitarian number or the brotherhood of mankind. Because 2017 adds up to the single digit of 1, the universe is at the beginning of a 9-year cycle. This new vibration affects us all, regardless of your own personal year. Please join us Thursday to learn what your personal year is, how the vibration of this universal 1 year will affect you and how President Trump’s personal year affects the United States and the world.

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