Many of us spend a lot of time feeling out of place. Perhaps it is a sense that we don’t quite belong or that we can never quite get things “right”, or even that we always seem to get it wrong.

What if that difference that we be, what we and others have always seen as wrong, is actually our strongness?

If we looked at some of these “wrongnesses” from a different angle, without judgement, we may see something quite different. That child who always annoyed adults by asking endless questions, who was always in trouble, may become the adult who explores and discovers a different way of doing things that may be kinder to the planet and the beings on it.

Those who have created some of the most massive change on the planet are rarely those who fit in the box of this reality. They tend not to be the rule followers and may be branded as troublemakers. Many of them struggle in school and yet had brilliant minds, such as Albert Einstein.

The traits that are creative and inventive do not always fit into a world where people oppose change and anything new.

What if you are the changemaker, the one who is here to be the very difference that will create the change our world requires now?

Diva Diaz, International Speaker, Author, and Facilitator, began her career in business and economic media, travelled the world meeting business leaders and heads of state, and yet, despite her success, could not shake a feeling of stress, failure, not being good enough and being wrong. In her search to create more happiness and ease in her life she discovered the tools of Access Consciousness.

Join Heather Nichols on Creating Beyond Reality Radio as she interviews Diva Diaz around the topic of not ‘fitting in’ and how that could be a gift that allows you to discover the strength and potency that are available to you, that you may have never chosen before.

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