A constant theme in my radio show has been Unity: we are all One, we are all connected, we are more alike than we are different. What we don’t know about the history of our Western civilization puts an exclamation point on this theme. We hear a lot about the different beliefs stemming from Western and Eastern thought and religion. As it turns out, we haven’t been taught the whole truth. The Greek philosophers, who are considered to be the founders of Western civilization and scientific thought, were also masters of spiritual wisdom. They traveled to India and Egypt to study and brought back spiritual practices like meditation and beliefs including karma, reincarnation and spiritual transcendence. Pythagoras remembered his past lives, founded a successful ashram in Italy in 600 BCE and his followers strove for enlightenment. Maybe there is not a great divide between the East and West as we have been led to believe. Please join me Thursday to learn more about mysticism in ancient Greece.

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