Educate + Empower + Restore. It is a great honor to be joined by Fabien Cousteau to discuss the Ocean Learning Center (OLC) and the experience of living 31 Days underwater. Our dynamic conversation will provide unique insights and review amazing adventures of the Cousteau family. Following his grandfather’s words, “People protect what they love, they love what they understand and they understand what they are taught.” – Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the mission of the OLC is to raise awareness, educate, and inform all citizens of the world of ways to protect and preserve the planet’s waters and endangered marine habitats and marine life. Through knowledge and innovative technologies regarding ocean preservation, the team at OLC collaborate with partners to develop educational programs and activities in aquatic conservation, restoration, and marine projects dedicated to protecting the Earth’s waters and its inhabitants for the future of our next generation.

The Oceans provide our planet with air, water, and food. We share an unbounded curiosity to learn about our environment and life.   As an Aquanaut, Fabien lived under water for 31days.   His experience demonstrated the uniqueness of our planet and the joy of being part of the ocean environment.  

“”Ninety-nine percent of our livings space is the ocean”  

The oceans hold a huge amount of secrets and amazing new discoveries.   New technology now makes it possible for us to explore it like never before.  At the same time, the ocean environment is threatened with islands of plastic (gyres), the loss of coral reefs due to bleaching and acidification that threatens the entire planet itself.  Dynamics of climate change impacts the ocean and us on land.  Technology can save the ocean but it will take people to make it happen.  
How can you get involved?  Connect with Fabien at and join in the efforts to save our oceans.  Join us on Humanity Evolve! Tuesday 1pm Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica

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