1) You don’t have a business unless you have clients

Please, please, please don’t spend years tweaking your website. You don’t have a business because you have a business name, a business card or website. You have a business because someone pays for your service. Just go out and focus on getting two, three clients to start. At the beginning you don’t need a lot of clients, you cannot even handle a lot of clients.
To get these first clients send an e-mail and talk to people about your new services and ask that they recommend someone. Please remember that not everyone is your client even if you think your services could help them. Let’s say you work with parents and you help them understand their kids better. Not all parents are your clients. For someone to become a potential client they should express a concern, an issue or a desire. I give a cool example of a mistake I made when I was new in business on the radio show, be sure to listen to this episode.

2) It’s OK to give free services as long as you do it strategically

Allowing people to sample your services it a good way to introduce them to what you do, because then maybe they buy more or recommend you to others.
This is a good way to build your confidence if you are a beginner in your new trade. Be strategic about giving free sessions. Offer your services to few people who match your ideal client profile in exchange for testimonials. Be sure that it is not an undeserving feeling of not accepting money why you offer the free service instead of being paid.

I recommend giving about 3 free sessions, then start charging about half of what an experienced professional in your area charges. Do 5 sessions like this then increase prices. This is not an exact science, you can offer free sessions to influential people who value your business and may promote you in the future.

3) Patience and discipline are your best friends as you take those first steps

Build your business patiently because you are in it for the long run. You are …

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