Hello all you pet lovers…..
I am Dr Julie Mayer.   I am a Holistic Veterinarian.   I am certified in veterinary acupuncture, veterinary chiropractic, and animal rehabilitation.  You can find out more about me at www.integrativeveterinarian.com.  
I am an adjunct professor at Midwestern University Veterinary Medicine College and I have assisted teaching pre-med students at Arizona State University.   As a veterinarian I am a teacher as well as a doctor.  My desire is to reach out to the public and talk about many aspects of our companion pets’ health and well being.  I want to discuss how to raise and care for companion pets as naturally and holistically as you can.  
You see, VoiceAmerica reached out to me to Host an Internet Radio Show because they found out what I do for the pet community and my more Holistic approach to veterinary medicine and general husbandry.  I volunteered immediately.  This is what I love to do….make sure that pet owners have the opportunity to explore all options of health care  and to know what is the latest information on pet health and pet happenings.  I am creating an internet radio show to be just like an encyclopedia of information for the pet owner.  In addition, I want this show to be interactive and allow the audience to call in, write in (via Face Book and Twitter, etc) their questions and concerns.  I will also have guests on the show to share their wealth of knowledge.  
I am very dedicated to my profession and to the animal lovers.  I am sincere and want to be able to help as many pet owners as I can.  
I am inviting you to an opportunity to advertise on this show/station or to be a Sponsor.  Commercials will be played during the episodes and each episode will go to an archive on iTunes, etc.  Which means the advertisement lives on and every time a listener plays an archive the commercials/advertisements will be heard!  I can forward the Media Pack and the information that you will need.  Please consider this opportunity to show your support for natural pet care and to take this opportunity to showcase your product!    Many thanks in advance.      

Dr  Julie  Mayer