Join Eli Weiss this week with a myriad of guests discussing pertinent topics of conservation in sense of Rhino horm, wildlife, and with many experts such as Lorinda Hern, Rhino Rescue Project: innovators of horn infusion; Loraine Liebenberg, Save Our Rhino: the first and largest comprehensive rhino social media hub; journalist Jamie Joseph Saving the Wild on corruption, politics, power and crime impacts the legal justice system; and Damien Mander, IAPF! What such great experts to have on our program in such a time of crisis, right?!? We will discuss CITES CoP17 and how CITES Pro and anti- trade stakeholders of politicians, breeders, conservationists, scientists, and NGOs riding are on the decisions… We as a people need to come together as a collective species and right what has been wrong for over a century.

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