For people to buy your service, they need to be aware of it, have a positive impression of it, and be convinced that they need it or want it. This is why we do marketing. Then when a person becomes interested in your service, you got to be able to make the sale. This means to discuss what is it that you sell and receive money.

Why do we fear Sales and how to turn this around?

Our first caller said the her fear comes from the fact that she is not selling something tangible, she said it would be easier if she would sell something she knitted, or something she cooked. So true! Selling a service seems harder than selling a product because it’s as if you have to sell “you”. When you combine this with not feeling worthy and deserving money, selling becomes almost impossible.

The solution is to sell the results of our service, to focus on the benefits the client gets from your service. If you need to talk about you, about why you are suited for the work, use your clients’ testimonials and words to make this more grounded and not sound as if you toot your own horn (which by the way is acceptable if you do it from a place of self-confidence and love).

What if We Feel Unworthy?

Receiving money from someone it’s a big one. This comes to our deepest fear that we are unworthy. Then there is the fear of not being able to deliver and fear that our client might not find value.

We feel the person who …click here to read the entire blog