Many of us have bought into the idea that we need to make do, cut back on our expenses or settle for less than we desire.
Often to ask for more for yourself or to have the finer things in life, is considered to be greedy and expecting too much.
There is a prevalent attitude that cheaper or less expensive is better, even if it is something that falls apart and has to be thrown after a couple of uses.
Not everyone gets that choosing something beautifully crafted can be a contribution to their life, their business and even their money flows.

Have you ever noticed when you are wearing a beautiful, well made piece of clothing how you move through the world with a grace and an ease? You may find people respond to you differently, and your sense of self is greater, as you glide through the day.

So what if asking for and choosing more is a gift to you and the planet?
What if when you are willing to receive more beauty, more joy, more abundance and more elegance that allows others to choose more too?

Come join a delicious conversation with Heather Nichols and Antique Guild’s own gentleman of elegance himself Chris Hughes.

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