Are you selling your services as one-off sessions or are you packaging your services?

Packaging in general means to put more things together. For example at the store and they put all sorts of things in a basket and that is a package, you buy them all together.  When you are a service provider, you can put together a few of your one-on-one sessions, a few of your written or audio resources, access to you via e-mail or phone, etc. and sell this as a unit.

1) Creating packages is the loving way to go for You

For you to thrive in business, you have to have a way to make good money and to not experience the roller coaster of feast and famine.

When you sell many little things, it is tiring and less profitable. When you sell fewer things at a higher price point, then the setup, the billing, the client care becomes easier so you find more time in your day, and as a result you find more peace.

Remember, this is your business; you want to set it up in a way that works for you. If you are ok, if you are nurtured, if you are in your flow, then your clients will be taken care of.  But if you’re tired, stressed, if you’re worried, then how are your clients going to be well supported? So you want to set up your business in a way that it’s aligned with who you are and how you want to live your life.

Do not be shy, make your business suit your style and do not just follow what everyone else is doing.  Packaging your services will give you freedom and peace.

2) Creating packages is the loving way to go for your Clients

Having a pre-defined package is a great way to fully support your clients. If you give them a one-off session, that can solve an immediate problem, but it does not address the core issue.  If I give someone only one coaching call, how am I going to help them?  I’m going to help them relieve some pressure in the moment, but I’m not helping them solve the problem. So giving them a one-off is like giving them a headache pill. It just takes the symptom away, but it doesn’t resolve the cause.

With a package you help clients commit to working on their goal or problem for a few months. This gives them time to create new habits.  If we are left to our own devices…

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