Are you sensing a quickening on the planet? Have you wondered how you can contribute to this beautiful planet, without fighting against those who seem less concerned about the future of our Earth?

Did you know there is a different way to be with the earth, walking in communion with it rather than seeing you, the earth, and other beings as separate?

Often we think of nature as where we go if we want to relax.  If we truly tap into the energy of the earth, there is an energy of thrival and creation, of contribution and communication that is available between everything that is growing and being upon this planet.

What if you and the earth could create a sustainable living future together?
Is now the time?

Come join Heather Nichols in conversation with Tim and Tanya Bothams and hear of some different possibilities for you and our planet on Creating Beyond Reality with Heather Nichols on the Empowerment Channel.

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