(1) Making the Sale is Loving

Here is a quote that captures the essence of what it means to combine business with spirituality.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” – Rumi

This is how we want to do business, from our soul and then to feel this river moving inside of us, it is a river of gratitude, of appreciation, abundance and joy.  When we do business from our soul, whatever we put out in the world, our knowledge, our love, our care, our experiences, they come back, they move through us, the river is moving through us and in the process there is a lot of healing happening for you and a lot of healing happening for your clients.

The main purpose of our business is to share love. You can have the best service or product but if you are not selling it you cannot help anyone therefore you cannot live your purpose. We need to learn how to make the sale and to be comfortable with it because how can you spread love if no one buys from you?

As spiritual entrepreneurs we might be tempted to believe that spiritual marketing is enough to help us sell and people would intuitively know if they need our services or not. This would be true if the person you are talking with is in an enlightened state and also you are in an enlightened state.

My definition of an Enlightened State is when you transcended you ego and fears and know you have an important purpose.

Unfortunately when the sale conversation happen both people the one who sells and the one who is the potential client are in their ego and fears show up. You, as the seller have the fear of being rejected and also the opposite fear that if they accept your offer what is you or your service/product are not good enough. The potential client feels uncomfortable for the fear of having to reject you as we generally prefer to be nice, or the fear that if they accept this will change their life and it might be uncomfortable. They have a big fear of the unknown. This is why you have to lead them and bring their confidence up.

(2) It is Loving to be Assertive

When you present your offer, your services or products it is very important to be assertive and not passive or aggressive. When you are assertive, you are telling people what you have to offer: this is my offer, this is what I do and this is how it can help you.  Then you give the other person the space to say yes or no.

When you want to make the sale badly and you are only hoping for the “yes” answer, because otherwise your ego is bruised or you don’t like to be rejected, it creates an energy underneath that the person has to say “yes”.  Even if you’re not aggressive verbally, you may be aggressive energetically because the other person doesn’t feel they have the space to say “no”.

You are assertive when you can clearly express what you want and then give the other person the space to say yes or no – not being afraid of rejection and not being attached to the result. As Echart Tole says:

“Non-resistance, non-judgment and non-attachment are three aspects

of true freedom and enlightened living.”

My top strategy when you are in a sales conversation is to remind yourself that you don’t need that person’s money.  Personally I like money, more money will help me build and continue to develop my dream, but not any particular person’s money.  When you talk you want to avoid the energy of “I have to get you as a client or else”.  Your energy needs to be open like “Ok, I’m here to talk with you, I’m here to see if we are a match, I’m here to see if the results I provide is what you’re looking for, and if we are a fit, we’ll continue.  If not, I’m safe, I can find money someplace else, I don’t need YOUR money.”  This prevents you from having that feeling like you are putting your hand in their pocket and taking their money from them.  Have the feeling of being safe. Say “yes it will be nice to make a sale, but I am safe anyway”. If you have this energy, it will be much easier.

(3) Learn how to Overcome Potential Clients’ Excuses

   When they say “I cannot afford it” you need to show the return on investment. Remember that people always find money for something they find valuable and they feel they want.
   When they say “I need to talk with my husband/partner” ask “what do you think your husband is going to say?” then see if you can coach or support them in finding the right way to talk about your service or product.
   When they say “It’s not the right time” you can encourage them to make the decision now and to start later when they are OK to start. If you let it go you might find that by the time they were supposed to be free they got themselves into something else.
   To avoid them say “I need to read more” send them some information about you and some of your clients testimonials before you meet with them for the sale conversation.

I’ve seen many miracles happen when people pay. When people say yes to changing their life, whether it be their health, the business, their career, whatever you are selling them, miracles happen because the Universe hears their commitment.  One of my clients, paid in full for the first year in the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy and she told me that this is the first investment of this nature she has ever made for her personal and professional development. We were to meet in two weeks, and just before we met, she received a cheque for the same amount of her payment. She is in real estate and she closed a sale to get that cheque. It was amazing to me to have that confirmation that when you commit, the Universe also commits with you. Later as we worked together, she made her sales quota for the year in 3 months, compared to 9 months the year before.  It’s amazing what happens when someone commits to their path.

This is why I truly believe that it is loving to make the sale, it is loving to be assertive. Learn how to stand in your power and guide the client to make the right decision for them. Have confidence in yourself, have confidence in your services, and then influence them to make the best decision for them. Of course, if they are not meant to work with you and you feel they are not aligned, then it’s fine. But if you feel that someone can really use your service, be the best that you can be and make the sale. This is the loving way to be.

There are more strategies I shared on the show, click here to listen.

Please comment below to share what are your strategies or your struggles for making the sale. I’d be happy to support you.


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