Ancient cultures understood the art of bathing. Cleopatra and her contemporaries knew that a bath was an indulgence, a way to nurture the body and spirit. Bathing was an art form, a ritual to be savored. We don’t need a fancy marble tub or extravagant wealth to create our own rituals. All we need are a few supplies, the right intentions and any bathroom becomes a Temple. We can nourish our body and soul, our relationship to ourselves, work, health, wealth, the Divine and our love life. With essential oils, crystals, candles, color therapy and visualization, you can create rituals to transform your life. You will release negative energy, raise your vibration and set the energy for what you want. I have been doing this for years and I feel and see the difference in my life. Even the actress, Teri Hatcher, and the Knicks basketball star, Amar’e Stoudemire, use a cup of red wine in their baths. Please join us Thursday to learn how sacred baths can improve your physical and spiritual life.

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