What’s your Divine portal?  Mine is through the power of flowers but there are so many different ways to connect to source energy and your higher self.   We all seek wisdom and guidance although in many different ways.  Eastern cultures have been viewed as taboo in the early years of the Roman Catholic Empire.  Slowly but surely the west has become more and more savvy with how to leverage ancient symbols, rituals and ceremonies to help us explore our inner power on a whole new level.  Meditation is certainly one of the modalities that people find to be a powerful way to connect to source energy.  Rudraksha male beads provide a fascinating experience not only during meditation but with any interaction you have with them energetically.  The insights from their Divine magic has been captured by many but the pureness of the process of harvesting them only few have done.

If you desire to bring an intention to fruition, listen in on the interview with Swathimaa, the founder of SHIVALOKA.  She’ll share ancient secrets of the mala beads that make the design and functionality of her jewellery line so unique.  Find out how these little beads can change your life and empower your purpose.

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