Dr. Lisa Cooney spreads the love for the community of warriors who have survived abuse, as she makes support easily accessible on an international level.

Survivors who have fallen victim to abuse are in need of a strong support system, much like a helping hand, especially if they are on their own journey to recovery. Awareness about abuse has grown, yet there are still so many victims of abuse around the world that never report their traumas. Unfortunately, some victims out there meet their end, before they are exposed to the help that they desperately need.

Dr. Lisa Cooney has grown a vast recovery network by giving on-going year-round support on a global level. If you or someone you know is trapped in the vicious cage of abuse and yearns to break free, you should know that the Live Your ROAR team is reaching out to you – offering you support and care. The team, guided by Dr. Lisa, used 2016 as a trial run for making support consistently and continuously available for national and international abuse survivors alike. Dr. Lisa has traveled around the globe: stopping by countries from Costa Rica to Australia and cities all over the world, visiting new places, making new friends, and offering her help to those who feel crushed by the weight of abuse.

Making it possible to get help and support from Dr. Lisa Cooney, no matter where she might be on her journey, has been quite the goal for the Live Your ROAR team, of which can finally be checked off the list… Dr. Lisa enhances her support offerings, from in-person group facilitation, one-on-one sessions, specialized workshops, to including her weekly Beyond Abuse, Beyond Therapy, Beyond Anything radio show on Voice America’s Empowerment Channel, as well as internet-based Live Translated Video Group Calls. This in turn brings Dr. Lisa’s facilitation available at the ease of your own home and/or space. An amazing advancement with regards to support, as many abuse victims’ hardest part to recovering and living a life beyond abuse, is taking that first step of seeking assistance.

“A 2013 analysis conduct by WHO with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Medical Research Council, based on existing data from over 80 countries, found that worldwide, almost one third (30%) of all women who have been in a relationship have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by their intimate partner. The prevalence estimates range from 23.2% in high-income countries and 24.6% in the Western Pacific region to 37% in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean region, and 37.7% in the South-East Asia region. Furthermore, globally as many as 38% of all murders of women are committed by intimate partners. In addition to intimate partner violence, globally 7% of women report having been sexually assaulted by someone other than a partner, although data for this is more limited.
Intimate partner and sexual violence are mostly perpetrated by men against women. Child sexual abuse affects both boys and girls. International studies reveal that approximately 20% of women and 5–10% of men report being victims of sexual violence as children. Violence among young people, including dating violence, is also a major problem” (WHO, 2016).

It is so essential to show individuals that help exists. Some people are completely unaware that there are individuals out there, all though currently strangers, yet who are willing to give over 100% of themselves in order to help others. Recovery is not a fantasy. You can create a reality filled with joy, fun, and adventure, beyond the suffocating weight of abuse. Abuse survivors have recovered from all sorts of trauma, ranging from physical, sexual, emotional, verbal and financial abuse, to name a few. Remember that there is a safe place awaiting you, along with a passion for supporting your personal development and growth. Even if it’s just by listening in on one of the Beyond Abuse, Beyond Therapy, Beyond Anything shows with Dr. Lisa, know that this could be the first step toward your brighter, more vivid reality.

Regardless of wherever you are in the world…