Cheryl Esposito welcomes Freddie Ravel, Grammy-winning producer & jazz keyboardist. His performances, productions & recordings include icons Sergio Mendes, Madonna, Prince, Quincy Jones, Boston Pops, & Carlos Santana. Loving music since age 5, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in music, & began performing worldwide with Brazilian master Sergio Mendes by age 23. His career soared & he saw the power of music to affect the energy of the human spirit around the world. Challenges in leadership, collaboration, & time are huge. Using music as a lens to view business, he created peak performance systems for leadership, innovation & collaboration, with rave reviews from Apple, NASA, Citi & more. Your leadership score isn’t a number. It’s your ability to influence the melody, harmony, & rhythm of your organization to create great music – the score. Want to know how to unlock people’s greatest potential to create your score? Join Cheryl Esposito & Freddie Ravel to “Tune Up To Success!”

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