Financial Abundance:What You Don’t Know

Financial abundance is a gift of love from  the Divine. As a child of InfiniteLove, it is your birthright. All you have to do is remove the hidden blocks to receiving, know you are deserving and open the door. Since there are numerous layers of consciousness, from the surface levels of the conscious mind to the deepest levels of the sub-conscious mind, the process of bringing in financial abundance does not always happen immediately.
Your commitment, patience, faith, trust and gratitude are the keys to
nurturing your path to lasting financial abundance
During our time together you will:
• Discover and remove your hidden blocks
• Experience the feeling of deserving
• Open your mind and heart to receiving
• Learn how to recognize and be grateful for every step
along the way
• Get techniques to use on your own

FREE: 1 copy of my Best-Selling book as a door prize.

4801 Spring Valley Rd # 113
Dallas, TX 75244
Saturday May 20, 2017
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