First things First Goldilocks symbolizes balance. Not being extreme on either end of any issue spectrum, finding the centeredness and leading from the middle towards goal attainment is the message embodied in Goldilocks. I have picked this centeredness as the pathway for empowerment for this show.

To be successful in any personal goal, one needs to balance the various dimensions of ourselves. For example, we must balance:

-Individualism with Collectivism: Individualism aspect of our self-motivation and single minded pursuit needs to be balanced with collectivism aspect of building relationships and leveraging those relationships for success.

-Masculinity with Femininity: Masculinity aspect of our personality that drives results ought to be balanced with the femininity aspect of establishing sustainability for nurturing progress.

-Risk Taking with Risk Reduction: Take the risk to follow our goal but balance it off with choices to reduce the controllable and anticipated risks.

-Long-Term with Short-Term: Focus on the long-term value of our endeavor while building short-term successes as building blocks of the long-game.

-Indulgence with Restraint: Indulge in pursuing our passion with the zeal necessary for success but temper it with restraint to not go overboard.

This balance is not just for a personal pursuit but it works for a family, an organization, community, country or global society. This is what the old adage “too much of anything is good for nothing” conveys to us.

Successful individuals, families, organizations and countries lead from the middle with the firm grasp of this inner balance. When one leads from that centered position, the sphere of influence has seven levels of influence. Three Levels right and left of center and those in the center. Compare this to someone who tries to lead from one of the extremes with only a single direction of influence? This is why “Getting it just right” is a balanced pursuit.

This show on the Empowerment Channel hopes to take a shared journey with its listeners, developing the inner balanced pursuit necessary for reaching the summit. Please join me in shaping the path forward to explore how each of our interaction could become an opportunity for transformation!

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