There are many assumptions in our world about single mothers.  People may have many points of view about what you can and cannot do as the primary and sometimes only parent of your children. Many people may project that single mothers will struggle to survive or have to work several jobs with grueling hours to make ends meet and end up neglecting their children in the process. Those that don’t have family nearby might not have support systems in place and as the primary parent, time for you or creating a thriving business may seem next to impossible.  We probably all have known someone who did struggle with single motherhood. What if there is something completely different that is possible here? What happens when we step outside the stereotype of the struggling single mother and see instead the potential possibilities that are available? What choice could we make to create a thriving life and living that lights us up and inspires others to choose more while we are still available for our children? Join Heather Nichols – a single mother who has created a dynamic, thriving, global business as well as being a mom for some amazing kids!

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