Writing to heal has been an important part of my personal journey for about 25 years now. As I’ve become more honest with myself about my own life and learned to see the silver linings (the gifts of learning, knowledge, wisdom and growth in every experience and every choice), I have healed emotionally and physically in ways that still astonish me. I have come to see the world through eyes of love, and that’s a very long way from the “poor me, ain’t it awful” perspective I had most of my life. Writing pieces like this and my silver lining stories for my radio show have helped me tell the story of my own abuse, illness and loss. Although my intention was always to help my readers and listeners to develop new ways of thinking, somewhere along the way I discovered that the stories were also the ones I needed to tell for my own healing. Truly a win-win. Please join us Thursday to learn how you can consciously use writing your story to heal your life. Sandra Marinella, MA, MEd, is an award-winning writing teacher and the author of The Story You Need to Tell. She has taught thousands of students and fellow educators and presented hundreds of workshops to veterans, teachers, writers and cancer patients about the power of our personal stories and writing to heal, grow and transform our lives. Sandra founded the Story You Need to Tell Project, which provides workshops on the power of transformational storytelling and personal writing to increase well-being.  Profits from her book support cancer research and provide educational scholarships to veterans and writers. She lives in Chandler, Arizona. Discover more at www.storyyoutell.com.