What if for us to create, to receive and to have more money does not mean longer hours at work, working harder or being available to your clients 24 hours a day? What if generating more money in your life doesn’t mean that your family comes last or doesn’t appear in the equation at all? Many of us may have tried that formula to succeed with money, only to find for us that was not true. And we may have wondered what was wrong with us that we couldn’t create that way. What if it is actually the difference that we be that creates the space of having and receiving money with a sense of ease? What if when we allow our body to contribute and bring in those delicious elements of sexualness: healing, caring, nurturing, generative, creative, joyful, expansive and orgasmic energies that we are the invitation to creating the space that money desires to come and play. When we are in nature and also when we have a superb meal, a wonderful massage or whatever ignites this for you, we are aware of those elements of sexualness, those sensations of space and joy, the sensations in our body and the expansion of possibilities. This is the space of miracles. When we are willing to have ease and joy be our reality, this is where we often find our magic. This is where our money magic can reveal itself. Join Heather Nichols for this delicious conversation on sexualness, our bodies, receiving and wealth.

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