Many of us have spent a great deal of our lives with a strong sense of wrongness. This can so often undermine the life we desire to create. We have molded and contorted ourselves to fit in rather than stick out, a coping mechanism many of us learned in the classrooms and families of our childhood. We slowed our bodies down attempting to remain as motionless as possible in accordance with classroom rules. We believed the labels of wrongness we were given or gave ourselves when we sensed we were different; lazy, slow, disruptive, stubborn, defiant, too loud, too quiet. And we made ourselves wrong for not fitting into many structures that were flawed in their essence, believing instead we were flawed. What if all these apparent wrongnesses are actually what make you unique and different? What if the difference that you be is a strength and one that is required by our world now? What if you can turn these differences around and look from an angle that reveals the gifts and possibilities that lie within them? What if when you discover the unique gift that you be, then can you let go of the lies of wrongness? What if the choices you have made in your life have brought you to this place you stand now? What if somewhere you always knew your difference was the magic you bring to this world? So is now the time to create that life and living you actually know is possible? Come and join Heather Nichols with her guest Christel Crawford in this very different conversation about trusting you in the creation of your life.