Who or what are you creating your life for?  Do you choose based on what lights you up and expands your world or do you choose from the expectations and desires of others?  Are you actually included anywhere in the creation of your life?

Often we are creating our lives for our families or for our friends and  employers or even what fits into the expectations of the society we live in.

What if the choices you make everyday rather than making other people happy could ignite and inspire you?

Like the mother on the airplane that is encouraged to put her oxygen mask on first so she may look after her children, what would occur if we including ourselves in our creations?

When we choose to create from the space that make our bodies sing and be radiantly alive, our joy is such an inspiration for others to choose more in their own lives. Often far beyond what they may even know was possible for them to choose.

When we include ourselves in the creation of our lives we are creating from the Kingdom of We, we are then acutely aware of what is the highest choice for everyone.

Come join Heather Nichols for this juicy, dynamic conversation on creation, choice, potency and joy of living fully alive.

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