Fake news is not only in politics. It also limits our understanding of illness and how to cure it. Just like with fake news, some believe they’re telling the truth and others know they’re misleading people. Here are some examples of fake medical news coming from sources we were taught to trust. Public television promoted a program on the definitive causes of depression without mentioning trauma, which many believe is the main source of depression. In a recent PBS special on bone density, the authority told us there is no way to build bone density despite the fact that a 10 minute a week exercise program, OsteoStrong, approved by the American Bone Association, does build bone. Psychiatrists spend about 15 minutes with patients; just long enough to decide which prescription to write. Congress just approved billions of dollars for doctors to drug children if they think the child may get a future mental disorder. Please join us Thursday to learn real facts on profound health and healing.
Jennifer Gehl, MHSc, combines her Bachelor’s in music and Master of Health Sciences with her background in energy medicine, including Acutonics®, Chinese Medicine, astrology, and yoga. She integrates this knowledge to inspire new awareness of ancient medicine and teaches astro-harmonic medicine continuing education to licensed professionals. Her book, The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine: Restoring the Cosmic Foundations of Healing, with Marc S. Micozzi, MD, outlines the connection between human health and cosmic science. Please visit her website: http://soundworksbygehl.com/

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