Conventional wisdom says: to succeed, you must work long hours. In fact, our brain needs regular breaks to function at its best. Recently a friend asked me, “What’s the one thing you’ve done this year to create more energy?” My answer surprised me: “I allow myself to stop working when I hit an energy wall.” I recognize my thoughts now, like, “I’m tired, but I want to cross this off my list.” Yes, I could push through my low energy and get a second wind. In the morning, I could ignore the fact that I’m tired, down my coffee and convince myself I’m fine. There is a price to pay, however, and it’s a high one. We can do this every now and then but eventually we deplete our energy. A much more effective strategy is to remind ourselves that almost everything can wait. These days I ask myself: “What will happen if this doesn’t get done today?” The answer is almost always “nothing.” Please listen to the On Demand show  to Learn How to Manage Yourself, Not Your Time.

Nan left a successful corporate career to pursue a life-dream to work and write from the Rocky Mountains. She shares her work insights and practical wisdom with a wide variety of people, from coal miners and Navy engineers to college students and senior leaders at nonprofits and Fortune 100 corporations, igniting passions, crystallizing thinking, and changing results. Named a 100 Top Thought Leader for three consecutive years by Trust Across America, she is the author of five business and career books, a speaker, mentor, and consultant. Nan writes the Winning at Working column and blogs for on Trust: The New Workplace Currency. She helps organizations build winning work cultures and helps people bring out the best in themselves and live their life’s potential. She went from minimum wage to Vice President of multibillion dollar QVC. She has a B.A. from Stanford University and MA from University of Michigan. Her new book is It’s Not About Time. Visit www Please listen to the On Demand show  to Learn How to Manage Yourself, Not Your Time.

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