With the “silver tsunami” describing dramatic demographic changes, reimagining choices about careers, retirement, and aging requires a HEROIC Mindset. Adopting a spirit of “ageless aging” retires tired norms of how we’re supposed to be. By adopting six actions we can reframe our “what’s next,” and live more fully with a greater sense of control. On this episode of the Career Confidante, host Marie Zimenoff welcomes careers-industry expert Rich Feller who will introduce the notion of “ageless aging,” walk through six actions to find new possibilities, and explain how a HEROIC mindset is the best insurance against change at work, learning, or loving. Regardless of our age we all have similar needs, a desire to seek more options, and a common aim to be more complete. Rich has a wealth of information and unending passion for this topic … this is a show you don’t want to miss!

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