An important step in everyone’s Journey to Happiness is reconciling the hurt from the past that holds us back today.  For some of us, old hurt stems from a fractured family or painful memories from childhood.  For others, it is a failed relationship or strained ties to the people we love most.

To live life fully, we must “travel light”.  This allows us not only to experience joy in every day experiences, but it also strengthens our intuitive connection to the Divine wisdom we all crave.

In this week’s episode, we will demonstrate how the proverbial “skeletons in our closet” are actually pillars of strength that make us who we are today, and always for the better if we so choose.

We will be joined by guest Henry Edinger, a former Dow 30 executive, who will share his story of how growing up in an violent inner city with profound loss at an early age became his springboard in life.  And, Rita will join us live from a Tony Robbins seminar in New Jersey!  Catch us live!

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