To blog or not to blog…that is the question that many small businesses ask these days.  There’s a lot of work involved in starting a blog – and maintaining it.  So much so that many will start a blog and abandon it after a few months.  Why?  Many will say that it was taking too much time, or their priorities shifted, but I’ll bet the underlying reason is that they were discouraged and frustrated that all their efforts didn’t seem to produce much in the way of results.  It’s true, there is a lot of work that goes into blogging, but in the long run, the effort will pay off in increasing your customer engagement, building your know-like-trust factor with your clients and potential clients, SEO for your website, and more.

Whether you have considered blogging, started and abandoned your company blog, or just want some new tips and suggestions to make your blog even better, then tune into this week’s episode of Marketing That Won’t Break The Bank on Wednesday, August 23rd at noon PT on the Business Channel:  We’ll break down the concept of blogging into actionable steps that will get you up and running quickly, including a look at some of the technical aspects of maintaining a blog, how to write content your readers will love, and simple ways to share that content in multiple places for maximum exposure.