Our 2018-02-15 episode will be a very personal show; one that you many or may not be able to relate to; the loss of a loved one. Host Alex Fullick will speak abfullick-Promo-Variety.jpgout his and his brother’s personal journey and experiences dealing with the death of their father. Though somewhat expected when an individual is their later years, the loss of a loved one can still leave people unprepared and unable to deal with the heartfelt loss of loosing their loved ones. It’s not an easy subject to talk about, let alone share with an international audience but the show will walk listeners through a personal journey of dealing with the aftermath of being notified that your loved one is no longer with you. Alex found that there was more things to do and think about when such an event occurs – and discovered he was completely unprepared. This show will speak to your heart, as you think of your own loved ones.