We are so excited about our new talk show “Radical Change Now with Dr. Mary Oz” on Voice America Talk Radio! Throughout the episodes we’ll go over Ho’oponopono, The Law of Attraction and Results Oriented Living, along with hearing from some great, inspiring guest that includes my coaches, my clients and some guest you may know like Dr. Joe Vitale, Christy Whitman and Lisa Sasevich!

Episode 1| Getting Radical Change with Ho’oponopono Healing

Guest: Penny DeFazio

Welcome to our very first episode of Radical Change Now with Dr. Mary Oz! This is one of many episodes that you will see major change, miracles and personal growth as we talk to our guest Penny. We talk about Penny’s struggles through life such as feeling stuck and alone, as a single mom of three we all know she needed to find some motivation to get going. Throughout her struggles Penny never gave up and was always willing to learn more and keep at it, and we are so glad that she did! We are all brought to tears on the very first episode of Radical Change Now when Penny describes how much her life has changed and how she now views herself, her worth and bond with her children. Get ready for some major Inspiration! You can watch this episode now by clicking the link below!


I hope you guys enjoy the episode, we have another powerful episode next! Anyone who loves Ho’oponopono should recognize the name Dr. Joe Vitale since he is the one that brought Ho’oponopono from Hawaii to the rest of the world, along with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len! He also is the author of many books that discuss Ho’oponopono, The Law Of Attraction, Miracles, Marketing and Business. If any of those topics interest you, we are excited to announce that Dr. Joe Vitale will be our guest on Radical Change Now on Episode 2 “ Ho’oponopono Miracles, Inspiration and More”. Be Sure to check it out! Want more from Dr. Mary Oz and her team? Be sure to follow us on Instagram @dr.maryoz and ‘like’ our Facebook page “Radical Change Now”.

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