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“People are always in good company when they are doing what they really enjoy.”

~Samuel Butler


Message from Founder/Executive Director Cynthia Brian


In the first three months of the year, we get to be bystanders at numerous red carpet events! Hello awards season! The Golden Globes, People’s Choice, Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Grammy’s, and the Oscars are just a few of the highlights. Add the Olympics to this year’s line-up and we have a full roster of gold, silver, and bronze. Be the Star You Are!® is proud to be honored once again as a TOP NON PROFIT from Great Non Profits and Guidestar. Thank you to our volunteers and supporters. Take your bows!

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In the coming months, Be the Star You Are!® will be participating in numerous activities so please check our website for events at On March 17, visit our booth at the LaGAELrinda Day at St. Mary’s college. On May 12th, we’ll have great gathering at the Moraga Community Faire. Reading circles, activities for kids, and book giveaways will be part of the fun. I will also be selling and autographing my new book, Growing with the Goddess Gardener, with all proceeds on autograph days benefitting Be the Star You Are!® We are seeking sponsors for both events. Email

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The Oakland A’s have designated Friday, June 15th as Be the Star You Are!® night at the ballgame. Be the Star You Are!® will have second tier field seating with great views of the game and the fireworks show. We’ll be selling discounted tickets for $34 per ticket (regular price $44). We encourage companies and businesses to buy blocks of tickets to give to away to their friends, families, and employees. If we sell 1000 tickets, one lucky person will throw the first pitch! Tickets will be for sale in the next few weeks so put your order in ASAP. We will have a prize for the person or company that buys the most tickets and a raffle item will entitle four people to attend batting practice on the field. I was fortunate enough to attend the 1989 World Series when the A’s won the pennant. More information is below, at our site,, or email Buy Tickets to our June 15th A’s versus Angels Baseball Game at:      

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A huge congratulatory salute to our dedicated volunteer and Express Yourself!® Teen Radio host, Brigitte Jia, who recently performed with an orchestra at Carnegie Hall. With any luck, she’ll perform for us at our upcoming events too! Bravo Brigitte. Listen to her broadcasts at Voice America Kids Network:


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In 2019, Be the Star You Are!® will celebrate 20 years as a 501 c3. Our 20th Anniversary Gala committee is in the pre-planning stages and we could use more help. Again, if you’d like to help celebrate this huge milestone for our grassroots charity by being part of our event committee, please email All skills are valuable.


Winter will be with us only a few more weeks and in the meantime, check out Karen Kitchel’s cheerful idea to bring a bit of spring into the lives of others.


Thank you for your support. We love what we do. Remember you can always make a tax deductible donation on-line with no extra fees and receive an immediate tax receipt by using Paypal Giving Fund. The direct link is


Let us know how we can better serve you and our community. Be the Star You Are!® believes in growing people while increasing literacy and positive media messages. Read a book this week.


Until next month, my virtual door is always open for your suggestions and thoughts.



Cynthia Brian

Founder/Executive Director

Be the Star You Are!®

PO Box 376

Moraga, California 94556

Growing with the Goddess Gardener is available at

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June 15th Baseball Game with the Oakland A’s versus the Los Angeles Angels

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The Oakland Athletics is celebrating their 50th Anniversary in Oakland throughout the 2018 season by inviting one charity to be the featured nonprofit of a home game. Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 charity is THRILLED to be chosen the nonprofit charity for the Friday June 15th game against the Los Angeles Angels. Game starts at 6:35pm, players will be wearing a new Kelly green alternate jersey inspired by the jerseys of past Oakland A’s games. A Dinosaur fireworks display will be presented after the game and other surprises plus guest appearances will be announced. BTSYA will have field level, 2nd tier great seats to view the game and the fireworks. We are still working out the details, but we will raffle tickets for 4 individuals to win a field visit to watch batting practice and meet the players on a different day. If BTSYA sells 1000 tickets, someone from our group will get to throw the first pitch. A prize will be awarded to the person or group that buys the most tickets. Buy tickets to give as gifts or rewards. Checks and online sales will be made directly to Be the Star You Are!® charity as a tax deductible contribution and a tax receipt will be sent to you. Email to reserve your block of tickets. First come first serve. Donation payment details will be emailed to you. Info will be updated at

Buy Tickets to our June 15th A’s versus Angels Baseball Game at:      

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St Patrick’s Day with LaGAELinda Day

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Come enjoy a morning of fun at LaGAELrinda Day at St. Mary’s College in Moraga on Saturday, March 17 from 9am-1pm. Be the Star You Are!® volunteers will offer free face painting for children, a reading circle, and Cynthia Brian will be selling and autographing her new book, Growing with the Goddess Gardener. Live entertainment and activities to attract children and families will be provided.

Sponsorships available. Email


Moraga Community Faire on May 12

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Mark your calendars for Saturday May 12, 2018 from 11-4pm for the Moraga Community Faire. Car show, entertainment, wine and beer gardens, activities for kids, art, music, food trucks, and lots of fun booths for your enjoyment. The Be the Star You Are!® booth is always a favorite as we give away FREE books to increase literacy.

Sponsorships available. Email





Be the Star You Are!® Loves Our Volunteers.

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Here’s what three more volunteers have to say about their experiences.


Katie Choo

I have been a volunteer for Be the Star You Are for almost two years now. I am currently a teen reporter and host for one of BTSYA’s outreach programs, Express Yourself Teen Radio. Just the other day, I was having a college interview, and the interviewer asked me whether I often found myself changing my opinions and perspectives about certain topics or situations. At first, I responded, “No, not really.” However, I immediately corrected my response as I thought of Express Yourself Teen Radio. Every time we have had a reporter or guest on air with us, I have learned something new. Sometimes, this “new” information is simply a fact that I did not know, but often, instead, the “new” information is a perspective that I did not previously consider. For example, it never occurred to me to see drug use more as drug dependence than drug abuse. It never occurred to me that people who leave their homes for the safety of a shelter often must leave their beloved pets behind. It never occurred to me that the hooded figure chasing me in my dreams might be me. None of these ideas occurred to me until I heard them from a reporter or guest on the radio show. In this way, volunteering for Be The Star You Are gives me not one, but two or three, or even four, more perspectives on a topic. As we discuss a theme, I am often reminded of my personal experiences, and those memories become much more valuable to me as I connect them to our on-air discussions. When I meet people, I have many more stories to tell and many more perspectives to explain because of Be The Star You Are and Express Yourself. Of all the organizations and programs out there, I believe that Be The Star You Are is the best way to better know the world, better understand others, and better appreciate yourself. As a volunteer, I know from experience that as a part of BTSYA, you learn, you grow, and you smile. “

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Liz Aguilar

“Be The Star You Are Inc. is a phenomenal nonprofit that does amazing work in local communities and internationally. The volunteers are passionate and committed about empowering others and one another. I’ve worked with this group virtually for the past two years and it has been a wonderful and rewarding experience. Other nonprofits should model their organization after BTSYA because they are great and have such a high impact.”

elizabeth aguilar2018.jpeg

Chelsea Pelchat

“I am SO thankful I found this wonderful organization, who has managed to bring me so much more than I could have ever imagined. I’ve been a part of this charity for three years, beginning from the second semester of my freshman year of high school, as the event coordinator and one of the teen reporters on the radio. Throughout the years, my experience with Be the Star You Are has pushed me to explore different aspects of myself, as well as developing leadership skills that will be essential to my future.”


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The Spontaneity of a Flower

By Karen Kitchel

flower market, phnomb penh.jpg

On cold, dark days during our Minnesota winter, I like to think about the flowers that will appear when my favorite time of year comes around. I very much enjoy watching the flowers grow in our backyard, and I like to clip a few to bring inside.


Amazing to think about how many sensations we can experience from one little flower — the look of spring, a scent of summer, and always a smile. There’s also something about being given a flower that is special, not the store-bought dozen red roses, but the single daisy from someone’s garden or a dandelion from the hand of a child. I discovered a very easy, fun, and inexpensive way to give flowers. I simply purchase a pack of plastic champagne glasses at a dollar store, add a bit of water and a couple of flowers from a favorite blooming plant or bush. Even transporting them from home to their destination is easy because the plastic glass fits nicely in a car’s cup holder.

Be spontaneous! Share your favorite flowers with friends, or better yet, leave them anonymously where they might be appreciated by those who are not lucky enough to have flowers of their own.
Who wouldn’t enjoy a champagne glass filled with flowers?


About the Author:

Karen Kitchel is a Community Volunteer who is passionate about helping those who are homeless or disadvantaged. She previously served as President of Cheerful Givers, a nonprofit organization, and Director of BI University at BI Worldwide. She can be reached at



Let Us Entertain You!

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When you are looking for upbeat, positive, informative, and entertaining talk radio, tune in to StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!® LIVE Wednesdays 4-5pm PT on the Voice America Network Empowerment Channel.

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Also available in the archives and itunes anytime. Descriptions and photos at


Our teens interview authors, celebrities, and entrepreneurs NOON PT every Tuesday on Express Yourself! on Voice America Kids Network.

Also available in the archives and itunes anytime. Descriptions and photos at

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