DrRed Says:

Please join us in C0126B33-5451-4726-8B2B-BF494CC4C3C0.jpegthe planning of Merry Military Month this November. It’s also the month designated by former President Obama as Warrior Care Month. Let’s plan the following activities:

Week 1 — Military History Week. Do you know how many uniformed services we have? When did the US Air Force become its own branch of service? Let’s get educated in Military History.

Week 2 — Military Awareness Week. Where are our military now and how  that makes the world a safer place? You’ll be amazed who’s on the job and where they are deployed.

Week 3 — Military Future Week. Do you know how great a career in the military is? The educational and cultural enrichment offered by our military is the best in the world. Check it out.

Week 4 — Military Appreciation Week. Sure, Veterans’ Day is 11/11, but why not take a clue from Thanksgiving and give some love and thanks to our forces worldwide? It’s a great lead in to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and Festivus for the rest of us.

If you’re ready to join an international planning team, email DrRed at drsarahy@gmail.com.