In a recent episode from my radio show, Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit,  my guest Meriflor Toneatto and I offer guidance and encouragement for women to create abundance in all areas of life. In today’s blog, in addition to my tip of the week and my silver lining story, Marian Stephens shares how she is using the information in this episode to change her life. All my previous blogs are on my website,, and the first posts with Marian’s Story went up last week. Be sure to check them out and follow Marian’s progress.

Dr. Paula’s Tip of the Week

 This week’s show on empowering women to stake their claim on wealth aired on International Women’s Day. When women are empowered to manifest abundance and wealth, they are a powerful force of good in the world. As Mother Teresa said: It takes a checkbook to change the world.

 I wrote 33 Tips for Self-Empowerment because when you are self-empowered, you are connected to your limitless higher self, your soul, your intuition, your gut feelings, your guidance. In the spirit of this book, my tip for you this week is to manifest through love. Before you do a manifestation ritual or ask for what you want, remind yourself that Love is all there is by saying: “I allow my mind to be open to the limitless potential of my Higher Self, and that Love connects my higher mind with my conscious mind.” Money is just another expression of Love. We can have an abundance of love and of money in our lives. We do not have to choose between them. Since Love is limitless so is our ability to manifest Money. It is a gift from God, and as we open our hearts more, we can bring in more Money. We live in a world of abundance, not scarcity, and what a wonderful thing to be able to share our wealth and help others. It’s hard to be a philanthropist if you don’t have enough Money to donate. I often ask my clients what good they would do in the world if they had a million dollars?        

Last Saturday, I held my workshop, Discovering Hope and Silver Linings. I was delighted with the attendance and the response from the group. They even stayed for an added manifestation bonus I offered after the workshop was completed. Because the workshop was on March 3rd, which in numerology is 3/3¸a powerful number for manifestation, I did a special manifestation ritual with them at 3:33pm. All of those 3’s added even more power. Many people thanked me after the session and one woman gave me a hug saying: “I’ve been listening to your show. I feel like I know you.” I loved meeting someone who has been listening to the show. Another woman, Amanda, came because she wanted people to know that God is always with them. And the next day, I got an email from Katrina saying: “I read this in a book last night and it’s really resonating with me right now. It’s in line with what you spoke of, Dr. Paula, at our workshop: ‘Don’t overlook all the healthy trees. Even while you have pain in your heart, you can enjoy the many wonders of life – the beautiful sunset, the smile of a child, the many flowers and trees. To suffer is not enough. Please don’t be imprisoned by your suffering.’” I was touched by her taking the time to email me, the synchronicity of her reading this right after the workshop, and confirmation that she had gotten the message I was delivering.  

 Dr. Paula’s Silver Linings Story

In 2016 women were generally paid 80% of what men were paid – a gender wage gap of 20%. Closing this wage gap would eliminate poverty among working women and their families. Traditionally, women’s primary role is caretaker or nurturer; putting this construct aside will allow women to rise up and create better lives for themselves and their families.

Last week when I ran into an acquaintance, she shared how much stress she was under due to the demands that someone was placing on her. She had even cancelled her vacations for him and the extra responsibilities were exhausting her. She felt obligated to put his desires over her own needs. It was clear that in doing so she was putting herself at risk physically and emotionally. I knew she had been in an abusive marriage and had had cancer a few times. I was seeing a pattern and shared that this might be a life lesson for her to learn that everyone else was not more important than she is. I reminded her that if the well is dry, you have nothing to give and asked if he was worth compromising her own health. She said others had told her she needed to serve him with gratitude, compassion and kindness because he was leaving her money. I responded that I didn’t believe this advice was in her best interest. Sometimes we must give to ourselves the love, kindness and compassion we so easily give to others. I suggested that she think about all she had done for him over the years and continues to do and that sacrificing her own well-being wasn’t a good energy exchange. I recommended that she continue to do what needed to be done and to draw boundaries at unreasonable requests. I learned later she appreciated my advice and was making new choices. Sometimes we must circle around and through a lesson several times until we finally see the pattern and choose to break it. Her silver lining in this very challenging situation was to finally choose self-love and set strong boundaries.

 Marian Stephen’s Story

 Before listening to this week’s episode, I had assumed that it would not really apply to me. I have been out of the workforce my entire adult life, and only briefly worked after I graduated from college. I have been a stay-at-home-mom for many years, and I am on disability for multiple sclerosis. The cognitive problems associated with my illness make office work a challenge, and the physical problems make manual labor a challenge. So, I have written having a full-time career off. Again, I am so grateful to have Dr. Paula and her show in my life because it is helping me to break through barriers and equipping me to become the best version of myself. Each episode gives me a new tool, and I find myself encouraged and uplifted. Meriflor Toneatto talked about mindset, and I realized that everything I described above is the mindset that I have had for many years, and it is very limiting. Maybe if I change this mindset, I can find avenues to earning money that I have never considered. It feels liberating to open my mind to the possibility of being creative and finding unique ways to work outside of traditional employment.

Do you believe you deserve to be wealthy? This is the question that Dr. Paula asks listeners this week. While it does not make me feel very good, my honest answer is “no”. And it is not that I do not feel worthy of wealth, but rather that it is not due me because I cannot easily or realistically obtain it within a traditional context. I realized I have rather antiquated views on women’s roles in the workplace and at home. I consider myself to be a feminist, but I do not always apply the tenets of feminism to myself. I am comfortable in my role as nurturer; it is easy to put everyone else’s needs ahead of mine and call that my role in life. In fact, being a nurturer of family at home is far less frightening than putting myself out into the world and earning money. But, it is not completely fulfilling to be primarily a caretaker, when I believe my gifts for nurturing and love extend beyond the boundaries of home. I think that I can and will expand my views on my role in and outside of the home and begin to envision a life of abundance.

My mentor, Angie, was so inspired by this week’s episode that she is buying Money Manifestation & Miracles and going to consult with Meriflor Toneatto. After listening, she was inspired to action and called her mentor for coaching. She is amid making a life change, part of which is building her own business. The main thing she gained from listening is realizing her worth. She often feels guilt when setting the price for her consulting services, but realized she is worth the price she charges. She said she is “worth every penny”. She is tenacious, creative, a joy to work with, and working hard to establish a business that will sustain herself and her dogs. Angie feels empowered to keep growing her business and to create a life of abundance that will enable her to care for herself and to help others – this show made it clear that the Universe offers abundance, you just must be willing to receive it.

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