I feel very fortunate to travel the world with my job (passion!) as a Presentation Coach and a Keynote speaker.

Not only do I coach other entrepreneurs to be fearless speakers I also do it myself and I LOVE to speak on stage.

I come alive when I’m on stage so it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to help you on your speaking journey and introduce you to wonderful experts who will inspire you to Present Your Power!

One person who certainly presents her power is Missy Strasner.

Missy is an Entrepreneur, International Life & Business Coach, Mentor & Influencer.

She helps driven Entrepreneurs gain clarity, create a plan and generate more sales so they can create greater impact in the world and she also hosts a weekly online show called Living a Badass Life.

I interviewed Missy for my latest radio show on the Voice America Empowerment channel and what I love about Missy is that she walks her talk.

She’s fearless, she takes herself out of her comfort zone and she stretches and grows as a result of that.

If Missy tells you to get out your own way and invest in personal training that will stretch you both mentally and financially, you can bet your bottom dollar that she’s doing exactly the same.

She’s faced adversity and overcome many struggles in her life and now stands for people to be happy, successful and play big…to be the best they can be and have no regrets.

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In our interview Missy shared the importance of exercising your mindset, listening to influencers, watching videos, reading books, developing your mind so you’re ready to show up for other people and that in turn will lead to more money and success.

How does she does this for herself? She comes from the place of “I’ve got this. I’ve done the work for myself and I’m now focusing outwards and helping other people by getting out of my own way.”

Missy was raised in a musical family and is a big advocate of using music to shift your mindset.

“Music sets you free, shifts your vibe and your energy…you’re connecting with something bigger when you’re listening to music.”

I agree. That’s why I teach my clients to listen to music before they present…to get in the zone, feel powerful and knock that presentation out of the park.

Missy loves empowering women, helping them get out of their own way but what does it take to be elite in business?

“Being on the top of my game, setting up a morning routine, getting the right team in place, not doing it own my own.”

“I have mentors, coaches, I attend masterminds. I’m constantly learning and investing in myself and business.”

Missy’s morning routine is simple:



Circle top 3 on to do list

Having people around you who influence your mind in a positive way is top on her priority list which is why she invests in high level coaching.

“A coach is a level 10 in terms of taking yourself and business to the next level.”

“I remember when I bit the bullet, when I decided I didn’t want to do it on my own and I saw so many successful people around me, and they all had coaches.”

“As big as the fear was to make the investment of more money than I had, (I didn’t even know how I was going to figure it out) I did figure it out because I was committed to being, doing and having more.”

Showing up more powerfully.

“I got 3 clients in a week.”

“I was committed to the work, committed to myself and committed to my clients.”

“I can’t show up for other people if I’m not doing the work myself.”

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As entrepreneurs, we’re so often in the energy of being busy but it’s important to step back and give ourselves the space to create.

Missy thinks BIG and helps her clients think BIG.

“What did you want to do as a child? What have you always wanted to do in your life?”

“We have one chance in our life…..get out of your own way and create big ambitious goals”

How do we do this?

Here are 3 powerful questions you can ask yourself.

Why am I stuck?

How can I take responsibility for being stuck?

What am I going to do about it?

Missy continues to engage, inspire and motivate on her weekly online show…Living the badass life.

Her tips for being a powerful presenter? 

“I get nervous but I don’t make it about me, I make it about the audience and the difference I’m making.”

“Saying yes to speaking opportunities is just like saying yes to financially investing in myself.”

“Say yes, learn from the experience and it gets easier!”

To hear more from Missy about how to get out of your own way and create big ambitious goals you can listen to her full interview HERE.


Missy can be found at

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