Sally Griffyn AKA Millionaire Yogi is a Spiritual Business Coach who coaches entrepreneurs, “Yotrepreneurs”, in the Wellbeing and Yoga sector to find their Super Niche and create financially abundant businesses.

Sally believes that you can be a deeply spiritual being and attract and manifest at the level of a banker.

As an online show host Sally interviews successful Yotrepreneurs across the globe inspiring people to get up of their couch or their butts to do something they really love.

Sally has both a corporate and spiritual background. She worked as a property developer in London and created a £7 million business so she knows what success looks like.

But her passion is firmly based in the yoga and alternative world which in itself is very lucrative.

The yoga industry is worth £27 billion in US alone,  80% are women and there’s been a 87% increase spent on yoga products in the last 5 years.

Why yoga?

Sally was in Rajasthan, India, working in the film business.

One day she walked up a mountain and came upon a Brahmin shrine where she received a transmission, a message that said:

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Until that time I didn’t believe it. I thought some people were happy some people were unhappy. I didn’t realise it was a choice.

The next message was ‘and you’ll never be happy doing a 9-5 job!’

When Sally got back to London, her job had been given away so the universe manifested what she needed. From then on, she followed her bliss and created the life she really wanted.

Yoga is good for business

Sally knows that yoga is great for business. “Yoga has a spiritual conduct…how to treat people well, honour the planet, be sustainable. You don’t have to step all over someone to get where you want to be.”

Many people in wellbeing and yoga believe that as a do good healing path they will never make as much money as bankers or people in the “normal” work force.

“I am here to show you how to rock out an incredible business in the wellbeing sector. The myth of the healing path as one of poverty is as ancient as monks and nuns “the Poor Clairs” who did good deeds but were not allowed to attain earthly goods. This myth pervades the alternative sector. It means that people cave into cash injections and sponsorship that they are not aligned with for fear of losing money.”

Sally teaches that you can be a deeply spiritual being and attract and manifest at the level of a banker.


Sally says “Money is an energy and a vibration. You can only work with happiness as a base and then use core values and passion as a fuel and this is what is the basis of a Super Niche. I am here to help people leave their corporate jobs and to send them on a path of freedom”

Yoga is good for the soul

“I feel incredible..I feel better than I did in my 20s and I’m in my 50s.”

This is not what we’re conventionally taught about age!

Sally is such a great role model for anyone who wants to present their power and find their true authentic voice because she has this strong message that yoga and the alternative field can be as successful as banking. Its a radical thought and it divides opinion.

When Sally created Millionaire Yogi she knew it was powerful.

She knew the message would hit the spot.

As soon as people started to contact her, upset and angry about mentioning money and yoga in the same breath, she knew she was on the right track.

She wanted to be controversial to attract the right people. She works with people who believe that money is energy.

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Do less make more is one of the key concepts Sally teaches.

She works with people who want to create a business in the alternative sector, not just yoga but also sustainable fashion, music, poets…the list goes on.

“I like working with this subsection because they do great deeds.”

She encourages lots of meditation, breath work and creating projects from a place of happiness to create a super niche.

“The world is abundant when you find your super niche.”

She encourages creating space and time to create, to come from a place of calm and happiness and stay away from the ‘energy of busy.’

Using Yoga to Present Your Power

Sally hosts her own online show where she interviews successful business owners in the yoga and alternative field.

So how can yoga make you a better presenter?

“I made choice that I wanted to be really authentic speaker and interviewer…….to be myself.”

“One form of yoga is Nāda. It teaches you to listen; listen to instructions, listen to music, listen to your breath.

When I interview, speak and present it’s not about me.

“The feeling is that there’s an authentic space, you’re listening to them, you’re just the vehicle.”

Sally advises that breath work is also so important when you’re presenting. Breath exercises to calm and change the energy so you’re no longer frazzled and you’re super present.

To hear more from Sally on how to turn your passion into a successful business AND how to present your power while you’re doing it, listen to her full interview HERE.


Sally can be found at

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