Prerecording Living Within the Sweet Spot with Alex Seeley, Pastor and world changer was one of the most compelling hours of my life. Here is a taste of who she is and what she is so passionate about. Details of her new book Tailor Made, and from the heart of Alex Seeley herself…

From the moment we enter this world, we are labeled by well-meaning people who are quick to try to define us: “She’s the smart one,” “He’s so quiet,” “She’s bossy,” “He’s so lazy,” etc etc. And before we know it, those powerful words have actually taken hold, becoming part of our very personality and character.  We somehow let them define us. For years, I personally wore the label of “accident.” Believing I was unwanted by others from even before I was born, I spent years wishing I was invisible and struggled to find acceptance in all the wrong places. 

My heart’s desire for my book “Tailor Made” is to articulate, reveal and explore how we can actually discover our true identity in Christ. In the book, I unpack the power of replacing the faulty and dangerous labels we’ve allowed to stick to our lives, and uncover the keys to truly flourishing and succeeding in life no matter where we came from or how difficult life has been. This is my story, it’s my community and it’s our true-life conversations and journeys – and I’m presenting our struggles and breakthroughs to explain and encourage those going through the same trials and tribulations.

It’s time to remove the enemy’s labels on our lives in order to uncover our true identities—the people God created us to be! —Alex Seeley

For more from Alex head to my August 1, 2018 episode of Living Within the Sweet Spot HERE.

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Niccie Kliegl, CLC, RN