In a recent episode from my radio show, Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit, my guest, Clairvoyant Ellen Tadd shared the beautiful experience she had as she went into labor with her son. He came to her to see if she was alright. Then Ellen saw a bright white light enter into her abdomen, which was confirmation of what so many of us already know—we all come from the spiritual realm. She shared her understanding that happiness is not about getting what you want. It’s about bringing your best self to the situation. We are here on earth to fulfill our spiritual nature, and we have two main tools to help us do so. The first is deep listening or meditation and the second is deep looking with our 3rd eye, also known as the Tadd Technique. Ellen was so generous with the wisdom and knowledge she shared, even walking us through the Tadd Technique and her special meditation process. As she pointed out, most methods of meditation are actually relaxation exercises. Ellen’s meditation process gives you direct connection with the spiritual world and opens the crown chakra for expansion, happiness, inspiration, and trust. To listen to this show, I encourage you to click here.

Dr. Paula’s Tip of the Week

My Tip from my e-book, 33 Tips for Self-Empowerment is: Create a Positive Mood. Change your mood by changing your behavior: shower, go for a walk or open the curtains. Then do something you enjoy. Doing something different helps you shift your energy and your focus. Just the physical act of moving can help you move from one state of mind to another. Sometimes our mind gets stuck in a groove and we need to take an action to shift our attention, shift our focus, and shift our attitude. The mind can grab onto something and keep repeating it and even expanding it until something small and inconsequential gets blown out of proportion and begins to feel overwhelming. We don’t have to allow this to happen. We have the choice to gain control of our thoughts or feelings, refocus our attention and shift our mood. When we do this, we can prevent ourselves from moving into fear and anxiety and even create feelings of joy. If we are out with other people and start to feel overwhelmed by the negativity in the conversation, we still have a choice. We can go to the restroom for an escape or attempt to change the topic or the direction of the conversation, and if nothing is helping, we can choose to leave in a way that doesn’t insult anyone, but allows us to be in charge of our own well-being. It can be as simple as saying, “I’m tired and need to leave now. I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.” Especially in this time of increasing fears and discord, we must continue to find ways to keep our attitude positive and not add to the chaos in the world.

Dr. Paula’s Silver Lining Story

Now for my silver lining stories. I’ve worked hard to learn to focus on what is important to me in the moment and not allow myself to be distracted by the noises and demands of my surroundings. So when I was meditating and my cell phone signaled me that I had a text, my first thought was to ignore it until I was finished. On most days, this is not a problem, but on this particular day, I felt drawn to look at my phone. When I followed this pull, I was grateful. It was a message from my daughter asking if I was awake. It was highly unusual for me to get this message on a workday morning, so I responded yes and received a special treat. She had taken the day off work and was home with her 10 month old son. I had some delightful facetime with them as he was crawling around, pulling up, smiling and making happy sounds playing with his blocks and turning the pages of his cardboard book. Had I delayed my response to her until after my meditation, I would have missed this joy because he would have been down for his nap. Yes, boundaries are important. It’s also important to know when to trust the messages I’m receiving. Following my intuition was my silver lining.

Marian Stephens’ Story

This week’s episode of Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the spirit with Ellen Tadd featuring her new book The Infinite View was captivating. Ellen Tadd is a clairvoyant, and her first clairvoyant experience was when her mother’s spirit came back to talk to her. Her mother had a severe case of multiple sclerosis and relayed that her life on Earth was to understand the suffering people endure and learn compassion. One part of my healing journey has been to try to understand why I chose this body for my time on Earth. As I understand it, until I learn and understand this lesson, it will continue to manifest. Some symptoms have improved, and I think that it’s because I realized that I have the power to heal my body simply by getting in touch with my spirit using spiritual practices. Perhaps part of my purpose is to share this journey with those who would learn from it, which I am beginning to do. Dr. Paula’s tip of the week is to create a positive mood. I have been doing this since I heard those words, and it’s a powerful tool that is simple to use. I’ve just turned on music, adjusted lighting, gone on short walks, or taken a moment to redirect negative thoughts. The outcome is I feel much calmer, and my house is calm.

Since I have begun listening to the show, my life has drastically improved. To continue and deepen healing my mind, body, and spirit, I asked Dr. Paula for further help by having life coaching sessions with her. The situation with my oldest son became explosive and angry and overwhelming, so he is staying with his father. I am faced with so many difficult decisions right now that it’s a little scary. After my first session with Dr. Paula, I left with a sense of clarity that I have never had before. No matter which path I take, it will be hard. But, using what I learn from these sessions will be key to making the best choices for myself and my family.

Dr. Paula asked her listeners what you can do to prevent becoming overwhelmed by your emotions. This is probably the thing I am struggling with the most. I have never been one to cry and working through all the trauma that I have been through is bringing about a very strong emotional response. I wish I could cry at the appropriate time – in therapy or when I am having a quiet moment alone, but that is not the way it’s working. I got extremely upset in the middle of the night two days ago and cried the rest of the night. I feel much better because I must get rid of the negative emotions and deal with the sense of loss that I feel, the loss of what I thought motherhood would be. I just want to figure out how to do this without keeping my husband awake all night!

Dr. Paula’s Coaching Response

There really is no right time to cry. Tears come when they’re ready, and it isn’t always at a convenient time. This is especially true when we are not used to allowing ourselves to feel deep pain and to let it go. Sometimes we do get overwhelmed in the middle of the night or when watching a movie or having a private thought in the middle of dinner. The tears actually have a chemical in them that helps us heal. So they are good us. The problem is that society has taught us not to cry in public or when others are around because it’s a sign of weakness. In truth, it’s a sign of strength. Being strong enough to be vulnerable is a good thing and we should model it for our children. Until we’re comfortable enough to do that, we can always excuse ourselves and go to the bathroom or outside for a walk where we can shed our tears privately. When you have a lot of unexpressed tears stored up, it takes time to release them all. Just like there is no right time to cry, there is no right amount of tears to cry or length of time that it takes to cry them all. Just know that it will be done when it’s done. It can feel as if you’ve cried more tears than are possible for any one person to shed. When you feel this way, remind yourself that the tears are releasing the pain, which is far better than allowing yourself to continue to keep the pain inside where it is doing damage to your physical, mental and emotional well-being. It’s a better choice to cry and heal.

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