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In a recent episode of my radio show, Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit, Dena Merriam with us about her journey through many lifetimes. These memories came to her while meditating or dreaming. She emphasized that the purpose of karma or the law of cause and effect is to help us, not to punish us. We are on earth to grow and learn how to not cause harm and how to love ourselves and others more. When we see how we keep repeating certain negative patterns over many lifetimes, we can choose to accept responsibility for our circumstances and make healthy self-loving changes. She also talked about how we must learn to listen to our inner self and value the wisdom of our intuitive sense, which is always trying to guide us. There are helpers everywhere in the real world and in the spiritual realm. We just need to ask them for help. Sometimes people enter our lives for a short period of time to help us awaken. When their role is complete, we can let them go with gratitude. To listen to this show, I encourage you to click here.

Dr. Paula’s Tip of the Week

My Tip from my e-book, 33 Tips for Self-Empowerment is: Walk the Labyrinth. Find a Labyrinth in your area, indoors or out, and walk it. Before you enter it, say a prayer asking for what you want to release and receive. As you walk into the center, you will release what you no longer need. In the center, you will hear answers from your Higher Self/God. As you walk out, you will be lighter and move more into your true self. Walking the Labyrinth is a powerful form of meditation. Because it is built with sacred geometry, the space automatically creates a profound connection with your limitless higher self, allowing you to hear messages from the spiritual realm with ease and trust. Because no negative energies are allowed into the space, you can trust that the information you are receiving is accurate. You will have easier access to past lives and your soul’s journey through time. Once you have developed this relationship and trust, it is easier to meditate and connect deeply with your limitless higher self when you are not in the Labyrinth. The Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress, who popularized the use of the Labyrinth in current times, started using it when she was having trouble in her own prayer life. This ancient spiritual tool is a great gift and can help you analyze dreams, release fears and illness and help you get in touch with the deepest parts of yourself. You learn to hear the voice of love, the voice that is always trying to communicate with you and lead you on the path of healing, love and well-being.

Dr. Paula’s Silver Lining Story

A previous guest emailed me recently with news that her new book is out and the testimonial she requested from me was chosen for inclusion. As Kac Young and I caught up, I responded to her questions about my life and the weather by mentioning that I had started painting again and how good it felt. I added that the temperatures were in the hundreds but the good news was that my experiment of setting my silk paints in the midday sun was successful. So instead of laboring with a hot iron, I only had to move my scarves outside to the patio. Her response was: “Of course, you would turn the heat into something positive! You make me want to jump through the computer screen and HUG you!!!!!” And that’s what happens when you learn to see the world from a positive perspective. Without a conscious effort, you naturally spread the love and it even bounces back to you with more love. Quite a silver lining for someone whose glass used to be not half full, but empty.

On June 28th numerologist Alice Rosen came on the show to remind us that the 11/2 frequency of this year is requiring us to speak our truth. She shared how dismayed she was that people were not responding to her Facebook posts asking them to contact their government officials. My own experience has shown me that people are slow to respond and often even afraid to voice their opinion in a public way. We are all experiencing a form of PTSD and responding with fight, flight or freeze. People who are not frozen and are able to speak up, must do so. Just because others aren’t liking or sharing something doesn’t mean they aren’t reading it and feeling validated and grateful. They may even be following Alice’s advice. Regardless, we must continue to speak up. A friend, who was born in Germany, said his mother told him that what is happening in the United States right now is just like the early days of Hitler. We must learn from history and not be silent. What I’ve noticed is that the more consistently vocal I am on social media, the more people are liking and sharing my posts. My willingness to be seen and heard is empowering them to do the same. I’ve also inspired people by creating rules of civility on my page. I remove any posts that are not respectful, which makes it safe for people to express their views. If someone violates my rule more than once, I block them from my page. This has been a gradual process for me to go from sharing no political views on my page to sharing information every day. It became clear to me that the spiritual and the political are inseparable. To not speak up was unconscionable. Whether others liked it or not, I had to be able to live with myself and be accountable for what I did as people’s rights were being stripped away. Every now and then I get messages like these new ones from people who I had no idea were reading my posts. One Facebook friend wrote: “Thank you for your wise heartfelt posts”, and another from Instagram wrote: “This is so great. I have to give you a big thanks for all the good vibes you put out on your Instagram page. You’re inspiring more people than you’ll ever know! Sending those good vibes right back to you. Keep it up my friend.” The truth is we never truly know the full impact of our words and actions. It’s rare to get a thank you. We must learn that every positive thought, word and action does put more love into the world and that we are healing ourselves and the world as we continue to choose kindness, compassion and love. That I can use my voice in this way is a powerful silver lining for me since most of my life I went into freeze mode. The fear of being yelled at or rejected started in a past life when I was literally left alone in the dessert as punishment for voicing unpopular opinions. I brought that fear into this life, and it was triggered by an abusive childhood. That fear is gone now, and I stand comfortably in my own truth.

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