On one of The Real South Africa’s nightly ventures we happened upon this little gem, right in the middle of Rosebank. Rosebank is an area in Johannesburg that is filled with all things South Africa, Food, Fun, Shopping, Fellowship and positive vibes. We stopped briefly for a snack and drinks at this bar inside the Hyatt Hotel, One 9 One. We were amazed by the sights and sounds as we always look for the beauty in this place. The outside oasis is lined with a water feature, palm trees and gas lit fire pits. Enough sounds to ignite your emotional senses. The sounds of the birds that line the trees followed by a slight breeze, comfortable seating and a nice drink all but make you forget that you are in South Africa.

We long for the days where we can relax worry free and everything we see is simply beautiful. South Africa takes us there each day. We invite you to watch our quick video of this little oasis and join us for your own personal experience and peace that is found in South Africa. https://youtu.be/t3o7P_Zanzs  Please visit our website for more information http://www.therealsouthafrica.com and sign up for exclusive deals on travel.