The Real South Africa has some places that we love to visit and are eager to share with you. Just recently we visited Churchill’s which is a choice stop on our experience. South African’s take pride in the spaces they use for leisure. AND THERE ARE A LOT. Our goal with The Real South Africa is to change the way you think about you Africa and South Africa in particular. Just recently, another one of our American friends, who has lived in South Africa for over 20 years, recently visited New York City, in the United States. He was eager to hear the thoughts and perceptions of South Africa from fellow Americans and travelers while there.

Here is a link. Hear what people think for yourself.

http://We are here to change the perception as well listen to Timothy Maurice he is American but lives in South Africa. The Brain & Brand Show, 30 Oct What People in New York think of South Africa 5:31 AM – 2 Nov 2018

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