This weekend we got invited to yet another event happening in Soweto, LoCrates Market at Lebos Soweto Backpackers. This event was laced with food, beer and entrepreneurs selling their products to the people and looking to make further connections. The DJ was live playing the best African Jazz and Club tunes and then later he spiced it up with solid American artists who have made their presence known here in South Africa. From J Cole to Drake and Jay Z and Beyonce’ there wasn’t a tune that the neither I nor the South Africans knew the words too. For a moment, I forgot we were in South Africa. It all felt so comfortable and familiar and we invite you to feel it too. We were so happy to find out, this LoCrates Market in conjunction with Lebos Soweto Backpackers happens every first Sunday! So this will not be our last visit and if you are one of the ones who choose to travel with us, this will be a choice stop on the experience during African summer.

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click link for a short video of time