As we continue our transition into daily life here in South Africa, there is never a moment where you can find something to do and meet someone who is willing to share their love of country with you. Today we visited Monte Casino. A location that is nothing short of amazing, its home to a three theaters, a 10 pin bowling alley, a movie house, multiple venues to shop, magnificent indoor and more importantly an outdoor dining experience on the piazza complete with water feature and a huge big screen so patrons can enjoy the occasional rugby, football or cricket matches while dining. Tonight is one of those nights, its warm, the atmosphere is inviting and its busy! Matilda, the play is showing at the theater and parents are flocking to share the story of Roald Dahl with their little ones. We sit this one out, we have no little ones and we are more interested in visiting the 360 bar in the middle of casino where the view is perfect and the food and drinks are easily pictured on electronic menu. You will meet Caroline! She is our host for the evening and wants to invite you to South Africa. See you soon.

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