Just when we thought our day couldn’t get any better. We were invited to an art exhibit by our good friend Zanele Mashumi. She is the art curator at The Melrose Art Gallery. She is by far one of the smartest people I have met when it comes to Art, how it appreciates, what artists to look out for and whose work is going to appreciate exponentially the fastest. She invited us as she knows we are searching for key pieces to decorate our home here in South Africa and wanted us to have a first hand look at the up and coming artists out of Durband and Johannesburg South Africa. We were blown away! The work of the these artists shows depth, creativity and passion. When you here Zanele speak on these pieces she too displays passion and excitement as she knows who’s got next in the art world. Like Art? Want some unique one of a kind prints that will appreciate in value, then you need to visit South Africa with us! bit.ly/2EX4AxzRSA Visit our website for travel dates, discounts and all this related to our all inclusive travel. In the mean please check the video about our night at Melrose Art Gallery in Melrose Arch *which is close to the 5 star hotel where we hosts our travelers.

See you soon…and stay tuned for our one on one interview with Zanele Mashumi coming soon!