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Thank you to our listeners for making 2019 our best year yet. As we close out the decade and move into 2020, we are very excited for the guests, information and opportunities to come. We’ve had amazing businesspeople, talented authors and visionary executives on the show this year each and every week. We wanted to sum up the year with our 10 most popular shows of 2019. If you missed any of these great shows, click on the link and you will be taken directly to the show.


2019 Top Ten Shows List:

  1. Situational Analysis – Increase Presence and Effectiveness with Belinda Gore aired on 01/08/2019

Situational analysis is one of the five key elements of Innovative Leadership. Being effective at situational analysis means you are able to evaluate four key elements of any organizational situation: 1. your personal values and thoughts 2. your behavior 3. the organizational culture 4. the organizational systems and processes. As leaders we are continually responding to changing and competing demands and situations. It is important to have a holistic framework that allows us to evaluate the situation and align each of the key elements. We use situational analysis in a broad range of circumstances ranging from validating key decisions to evaluating opportunities. This tool increases leadership effectiveness and also allows them to act with higher level of authenticity and presence. During the conversation, presence is a major theme. By understanding what is happening and who we are as well as what we value, we are liberated to be who we are authentically.


  1. Sustainability: Why Hasn’t It Been Embraced? with Christoph Hinske, Michelle Thatcher and Khoo Hock Aun aired on 06/25/2019

“Business as usual” can no longer be the leader thought pattern in regard to environmental impacts made by businesses. We are at a critical point where sustainability and impacts on the environment by business practices must be considered. What as leaders can we do to make a difference in these highly sensitive decisions? Christoph Hinske, Michelle Thatcher and Khoo Hock Aun discuss the options leaders have to encourage favorable corporate behavior and what leaders can do to make a difference.


  1. Difficult Times Can Build Leadership Skills with Aleksandra Scepanovic aired on 10/22/2019

Aleksandra Scepanovic joined the show with her inspiring story. How she first moved to New York City in the early 2000s after starting her career as a journalist covering the Bosnian war, from the war zones of the Balkans. When she came to New York City, she was enamored by the beauty in the architecture in the different neighborhoods, which led her to begin a career in real estate. Aleksandra felt a special connection to the brownstone neighborhoods of Brooklyn, and after spending more time in the borough, she and her partner co-founded Ideal Properties Group there in 2007. Aleksandra shares how the difficulties influenced her leadership skills and what she learned that allowed her to become a better leader.


  1. Connect First: Ways to Ignite Success, Meaning and Joy at Work with Melanie Katzman aired on 10/29/2019

In this episode Maureen interviewed Dr. Melanie Katzman, author of the new book, CONNECT FIRST: 52 Simple Ways to Ignite Success, Meaning, and Joy at Work. Melanie gave actionable advice for restoring joy and amplifying success at work through the power of human connection. In her dual roles as a therapist and a consultant to companies on six continents, she found that connecting first as humans—and then as colleagues, coworkers and community members—is the solution to almost any conflict encountered by both her clinical patients and her corporate clients.


  1. 6. WE Empower UN Sustainable Development Goals Challenge Winners with Amanda Ellis, Hadeel Anabtawi and Habiba Ali aired on 10/8/2019

There are women leaders making a difference by promoting positive change in their local communities which can have a global impact. “Women hold each other’s hands around the world for innovative positive change, supporting and promoting each other’s work to make the world a better place and co-creating the future we want”. Amanda Ellis, co-chair of the WE Empower United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Challenge, which promotes women business owners globally who are both running successful businesses and supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, joined Maureen along with Hadeel Anabtawi and Habiba Ali, two of the 2018 winners of the challenge. Their inspiring stories show how women leaders can make a difference in the world to promote positive change.


  1. The Biography of a Finally Successful Startup with Charles Morgan aired on 8/27/19

For those wrestling with questions about business leadership, avoiding bad decisions, investing in a start-up, and turning a passion into a profitable venture, Charles Morgan shares his story of how he retired and then found himself back in the role of CEO for a struggling data and analytics startup company. His story is textbook entrepreneurialism, at least as ‘textbook’ as an entrepreneurial narrative could ever be. He talked about the intersection of entrepreneurism and data.


  1. Influence PEOPLE: Powerful Everyday Opportunities to Persuade with Brian Ahearn aired on 9/3/19

Understanding the principles of influence allows you to leverage human psychology and increase your opportunity to hear that magic word everyone wants to hear when they make a request – Yes! By discussing Brian’s book, Influence PEOPLE: Powerful Everyday Opportunities to Persuade that are Lasting and Ethical, we want to help individuals and organizations take the complex scientific research on the influence process and put it into practical application. The result of this practical application is more success at the office and peace and happiness at home.


  1. Lasting Solutions for Distribution Center Labor Shortages with Will O-Brien and Dave DuBose aired on 9/10/19

The labor shortage is not going away, workers are becoming more transient and Amazon is continuing to drive up competition for distribution center (DC) employees. So, most DC operators resort to wage increases and retention bonuses as the quick solution to this really challenging people problem. Will O’Brien and Dave DuBose joined the show to share the better answer, which is a set of more robust solutions that better serve the operators’ longer-term needs and mitigate their dependence on short-lived “quick fix” wage and bonus answers that everyone else is chasing.


  1. Business Disruptions: Are You Disrupting or Being Disrupted? with Mark Kvamme on 8/6/2019

Business disruptions are occurring every day for entire business segments. Effective organizations are looking ahead to lead the disruptive efforts to set the new market. If you are not disrupting – you will get disrupted. Mark Kvamme joins Maureen to discuss how he works with organizations to identify opportunities and be the disruptor rather than being disrupted.


  1. Why Digital Transformations Fail with Tony Saldanha on 8/20/2019

Digital transformations can be made routinely successful and is more important than ever now that we’re in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The lines between the physical, digital, and biological worlds are becoming more blurred. This however does not eliminate the fact that 70% of digital transformations fail. That failure is not due to technology or innovation itself but in fact comes down to the details. The lack of clear goals and having a disciplined process for achieving them is what leads to failure of digital transformations. Tony Saldanha will joined the show to discuss his new book, Why Digital Transformations Fail.

We look forward to 2020 and all that the future holds for us as a people, as a community and as a world. May peace and joy surround you all during the start what is bound to be a new and wonderous decade.


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