James’ Impact on My Life

The day of my mother’s funeral, I woke up and immediately felt pulled to go outside. I looked up and there to greet me was this beautiful rainbow in a clear sky. There had been no rain and I had never seen a rainbow at my mother’s home before this. I was sure that she was telling me that she was fine, even happy, and had safely crossed over into spirit. Mother loved color, nature, and beauty so the rainbow seemed like the perfect way for her to communicate with me. This was very comforting, but I was going completely on my intuition. When my friend gave me James Van Praagh’s first book, Talking to Heaven, I read it like a textbook with my yellow highlighter in hand. I was hungry for this knowledge and soaking up all I could. His book helped me trust what my intuition was telling me. He helped validate my experience. This was brand new information for me. I had not heard anyone else talking about these ideas. James set me on a path of deeper spiritual learning, which has led to my ability to communicate directly with my family members who are in spirit and even to share messages with others from their loved ones. It changed my life in profound and beautiful ways bringing some of the biggest blessings of my life. To be able to help others heal is an amazing blessing. I do the work I do now because James’ book helped me wake up to the unseen world where the amount of wisdom and knowledge is unending.

James Van Praagh is an internationally renowned #1 New York Times bestselling author. He is hailed throughout the world as a pioneer of the mediumship movement, bringing people solace, peace and spiritual insights. He has received many awards for his dedication to raising the consciousness of the planet. James has been on national radio and television, including: OPRAH, DR. PHIL and THE VIEW. You may know him as the creator of CBS’s THE GHOST WHISPERER. He will be returning to my show Thursday, January 9, 2020, and believe me, this is going to be a show you won’t want to miss! (If for no other reason than for the sheer joy of hearing James Van Praagh share his wisdom.)

James appeared on my show September 1, 2016 [CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW] where he shared his personal experiences with seeing spirits as a child. This motivated me to say that after my grandmother died, I would talk with her while falling asleep. I didn’t expect James to see my grandmother, but he did. He told me that she was here with us, that she used to sing lullabies to me to help me sleep and that she still does. I was stunned because in that instance I put some experiences together that hadn’t quite made sense. Yes, he clarified why I spoke to her at bedtime, but what James didn’t know was that several years ago I had gone to hear an Israeli singer who sang mostly Yiddish lullabies. Although I don’t understand Yiddish and I had no conscious recollection of any of the lullabies, I cried all the way through the performance. What James said helped me realize that those were the very lullabies that my grandmother had sung to me and the concert triggered deep emotional memories.

I was not expecting this gift, but I am very grateful to James for it. You will also be grateful if you come to Dallas and hear James speak live January 9th through the 11th at CSLDallas, A Center for Spiritual Living. James’ 2016 workshop provided me with very important insights. He helped me further develop my psychic abilities and mediumship abilities, so much so, that I was able to receive a message from my late sister. During my sister’s last days on earth, we were able to heal the wounds from our childhood and express the love we had for each other. Although I had much gratitude for the silver lining of our healing, I was still carrying a sadness that we were not able to sustain a healthy relationship while she was alive. After receiving this message from my sister at James’ workshop, I felt peace that we had completed our healing and were embarking on a new phase in our relationship. If my story of finding peace with the spiritual realm or James Van Praagh’s story speaks to you, and you would like to open yourself up to a similar opportunity, please CLICK HERE to learn more and reserve your spot before they all fill up.

There is More to Being a Medium Than You Think

Any time that I spend with James Van Praagh is a real treat. He is wise, funny and an extremely accurate medium. When he was on my show, I expected the time to be filled with stories about people whose relatives on the other side helped them through the messages they received. It turns out that James believes that being a medium is more about helping others live a life with no regrets, no should haves or could haves. He has learned to live in the moment and wants other people to do the same. He said that he has learned from the dead spirits who talk to him how important it is to forgive others while keeping your boundaries. Sometimes that means ending relationships but without anger, blame or guilt. One of his witty and wise pieces of advice was: always take the high road—there’s less traffic up there. James reminds us that we don’t know what motivates others. This is good to keep in mind when we are working on forgiveness. It allows us to let go of the pain and live life through the eyes of love, not fear. So as you can see, there are many reasons to tune in Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 10 a.m. 😊

My Tip for You

In honor of the topic of this blog, “Mediumship,” I will leave you all with this tip: Trust the Information You Receive. When you are having difficulty making a decision or understanding something: Just before going to sleep, light 13 white candles and write on a piece of paper what you need to know. Your unconscious mind will work on the answers. When you wake up in the morning, you will have the information you need. Trust it and act on it. The more you use this technique, the stronger it will become. I’m sharing this today because this technique will help you grow your intuition and even your ability to communicate with dead relatives or friends. When you light the 13 white candles, you can even ask that a particular friend, relative or spiritual guide visit you in your dreams and answer the question that you write down. The key here is trusting the answers that you get. All too often our logical minds do not want to believe that this is possible because it wants concrete evidence. I’ve learned to find the evidence in the numerous signs that the Universe provides. The more I am able to tune in to those signs, the more magical and awe filled life becomes. The concrete evidence is in the way my experiences and my life evolve.

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