Join me May 7/20 – Disasters are disaster because they impact society; the way we mitigate, prepare, respond, and recover from negative situations, including the Covid-19 pandemic. We speak with globally recognized sociologist, researcher and author, Professor Kathleen Tierney, as we discuss her book “Disasters: A Sociological Approach” with a slant to the Covid-19 pandemic. Prof, Tierney will talk to us about the social aspects of risks, preparedness and recovery. We’ll also chat about how Covid-19 is challenging different societies with their response, as there is no ‘blanket’ approach to the pandemic. Prof. Tierney will also talk to us about how our responses, including those related to Covid-19, differ from the perceptions that many falsely believe. Disasters impact society and Prof. Tierney opens our eyes about how we need to look beyond our usual disaster fears and address disasters using a sociological approach.