Join me November 4, 2021 at 9am EST!

I talk to industry expert Lynn Hobballah about two key Business Continuity topics: Embedding Business Continuity into an Organization, and Leadership Support and Communications During Disruptions.

With Embedding BCM, Lynn provides some tips on how to integrate BC into everyday business thinking and how awareness is a key component to achieving that goal. We also talk about how BC is not a stand-alone process and that there are benefits to making BC part of daily activities.

Second, Lynn talks about the role of Senior Leadership during a crisis and how to prepare them for being active members of the Crisis Management Team (CMT). Lynn provides some insights on what kinds of support they can provide the CMT and how transparency helps increase support for the BCM program. Lynn provides lots of great tips and insights to help embed BC into our organizations and how leadership buy-in and support helps during a crisis/disaster.

Don’t miss it! Tune in to listen to the variety podcasts.

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