Join me 9am EST November 11, 2021!

Due to COVID and the impact felt by all industries, Operational Resilience has become a major focal point for organizations. Join me as I talk with Fusion Risk Management CEO, Mike Campbell. Mike clears up the confusion between organizational resilience and operations resilience, and the importance for organization’s for focus on resilience. We’ll also talk about the various components that make up operational resilience and how an organization can begin to tear down the silos, while building up resilience. Mike will also talk about the new paradigm organization’s face with employees working from home, and how the traditional ‘everyone-back-in-the-office’ approach may no longer work going forward. We’ll also discuss how strong operational resilience can help organizations with decision-making, especially during disasters, crises, and incidents, when the demand for information goes up and the time to provide it goes down.

A very enjoyable chat about operational resilience, with lots of insights for leaders. Don’t miss it! Listen to Variety podcasts.

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