Do you need to track your employees to ensure greater productivity? Here are some tips to do so with TrackTime24.

Ensure your employees are aware of time tracking

You should talk to your employees about time tracking and let them understand how important it is. You should explain how it works and how you expect them to work. Every time you get a new employee, you should talk to them about time tracking and explain the tool to them. For example, if your employees have to use the mobile app and check-in every day then make sure you let them know.

You should also inform them about the expected length of their breaks and what is allowed on the job. You should also show them how to fix any entries if they made mistakes. By teaching your employees these things it will lower mistakes, improve information as well as ensure time theft doesn’t occur.


Next, as opposed to manual time tracking via paper-based timesheets, it is better to do so automatically. By having an automatic system it will be a lot simpler for all your employees to record their work and time worked. This will make it a lot better for HR or your administrator. With automatic timesheets, you will always have complete accuracy and no rounding would be necessary.

There are many platforms that you can use such as Hourly that provides time tracking for employees once they have started your work. You’ll be able to create automated lunch and break times and these times will always be in your reports. You can even create particular rules that will make sure your employees are productive and they actually work the amount of time you’re paying them for.

Better time tracking for managers

Tracking time can be difficult for some of your staff as well as your supervisors and managers. Managers will have to regularly collect the reports and timecards from all of your staff as well as check them to determine issues and accuracy levels. This is especially important since they will have to ensure that the worked hours are accurate since these are billable hours. Even though this may appear to be a simple task, it can take up numerous hours on a weekly and monthly basis. It will take even more time if the employees don’t correctly track their time or report accurately.

When you use a time tracking software such as Hourly, this will make time tracking a lot simpler for both employees and managers. Managers don’t need to manually do reports since the software can produce the reports automatically. With the help of this software, they’ll be able to easily find missing details and fix any issues.

Collect accurate data on hours worked

Unfortunately, it is quite easy to oversimplify time tracking and make the data useless. One example of this is if employees only clock in when they start their shift and clock out when they leave. This is very basic information.

According to federal law, you will have to not only track work hours but also lunch and break times. You also need to track over time. This will ensure that your staff is paid for their overtime work and the company as a whole can make better use of its time and reduce spending unnecessarily on overtime. It is also possible to track particular job sites, projects, etc.

Hourly can help you to better record all of these details. It can then be used to create reports based on the data which will enable you to make much better choices.

Use the features

The great thing about Hourly and other time tracking software is that it has lots of features and you don’t need to be a tech in order to make use of them. The software has lots of useful features that are simple to understand and can help your company to be more efficient and make the best use of your employees. With Hourly you’ll be able to do the following:

Always be aware of real-time work. When you log into the Hourly application, you’ll be able to immediately see who is currently working and any employees that aren’t on the job or at particular worksites.

Geofence. This software will let you know if any of your employees aren’t physically located at the sites they are supposed to be at throughout the workday. This will save you money

Create alerts. You can even create specific alerts that let you know when any of your employees move to another location or if they start working overtime.

Manage time tracking, worker’s compensation, and payroll

These are all highly related and you can now combine them into one particular solution. This will lower the amount of time you work on these things as well as increase your company’s compliance with documentation and labor laws. Currently, only Hourly offers a fully incorporated solution that allows you to handle time tracking, payroll, and compensation within one software application.

You can use this software to run payroll, make paydays a lot easier as well as handle these tasks for both employees and freelancers. When you integrate these things it will ensure that your company, as well as all your staff, are fully covered if any issue or accident occurs. You can rest easy knowing that your company and employee data are secured. With time tracking you’ll be able to easily streamline one of the core functions of your Human Resource department.

Use the data you collect

After you’ve implemented time tracking and it’s properly configured you can start to actually use the data you’ve gathered. So for example, if you use hourly, you’d be able to more easily determine how much work and labor would be needed for new jobs or projects. You’d also be able to figure out how much time new projects would take to be completed. It would be easy to figure out areas where you have more resources than necessary so you can cut down and save the company money.

When you use a time tracking solution it won’t just automate time tracking but give you extremely valuable insights that will make your company more effective and more successful. As you get more data over time, you’ll be able to have better analysis and therefore, be able to make better decisions. This includes accurately answering questions related to the labor required per project, costs, time, etc. which will give your company a competitive advantage.